Creative Employee Award Titles with Examples

Creative Employee Award Titles with Examples

Recognizing employee contributions and achievements is an excellent way to incentivize and encourage employees to keep doing great work. Rewards are an essential tool in motivating employees to improve performance and increase their productivity. When recognized for their efforts, employees feel encouraged, appreciated, and valued, leading to higher job satisfaction and better retention rates.   

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Meet Tina Gunn Weede, President & CEO, Gratitudes Group, Member of SITE since 2009

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This article was published May 1, 2019 by SITE After completing her formal education at The Art Institute in Atlanta, studying art marketing and advertising, Tina Gunn Weede went to work for advertising giant J. Walter Thompson in thier recruitment advertising division, where she worked for two years. She started her journey in the

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New LinkedIn Research Reveals Employees Don’t Care About Cool Office Perks—Here’s What Really Matters

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As the competition for talent has heated up over the last few years, companies have increasingly turned to outrageous perks—from helicopter rides at Dropcam to three pints of ice cream every day at Ben & Jerry’s—to attract talent and retain employees. Read whole article here. 

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Viewpoint: Why Showing Gratitude to Employees Is as Important as Generating Revenue

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As I was reading this article by Lior Arussy, thoughts of real life gratitude swarmed through my mind. I started reflecting about my own experience as an employee at Peerless Performance. I am fortunate and grateful that there is an abundance of gratitude, kindness, thoughtfulness and inspiration expressed daily from leadership. This type of behavior

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10 Tips For An Incentive Program That Goes Beyond Compensation

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POST WRITTEN BY Forbes Coaches Council Top business and career coaches from Forbes Coaches Council offer firsthand insights on leadership development & careers. Read whole article here…    

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Choosing the Right Incentive Reward


Rewards & Recognition / August 7, 2018

To power an incentive program, you need rewards that are highly desirable. by Leo Jakobson Read more….  

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The Incentive Theory of Motivation

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Isn’t it great when someone shares a wonderful resource with you? So now it is our turn… We all want to drive positive engagement, improve our culture, enhance performance and our overall wellbeing, at work and in our communities. Today we have a much better understanding of how the brain works and through the brain

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Why is My Incentive Programme Not Yielding Results?

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Posted by SITE By: UwinIwin International Incentive programmes are used to reward employees for contributing to a company’s business goals. In other words – if employees perform extraordinarily, they get rewarded. Sales go up and employees receive rewards, prizes or trips. The company is happy and the employees are happy. So why is this not

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Behavior Takes Center Stage

Incentive Magazine

As highlighted in the Innovation Issue of Incentive Magazine, those studying the science of motivation and engagement are focusing on human behavior to understand why incentives work and how they can be made more effective – Incentive Magazine  

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