COVID-19 Compliance Solutions

Gratitudes Group offers a culture of safety, well-being, and compliance as a longstanding solution and preparedness for the future.

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Clear2 Technology Platform

Our global technology is both app and web-based, making the daily health pre-screening process and uploading of vaccine and test results easy and efficient.

• Daily Health Screening: Simple self-screening process completed prior to leaving home. Data is logged to create a compliance and documentation audit trail, and the admin dashboard allows managers easy tracking and communication with users.
• Vaccine & Testing Management: Alleviate the burden of tracking vaccinations and test results with our easy-to-manage admin portal or through our Managed Services option.
• Temperature Kiosks: Features include QR code check-in capabilities that can be programmed for facial recognition as well as temperature verification capabilities.

Expert Consulting

Work with our team of experts to establish protocols that are within OSHA and HIPPA regulations and craft an effective contingency plan around the rapidly evolving problem of how to protect your people.

See Clear2 in Action

See how a current client uses Clear2 to protect their employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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