Culture Engineering for Your Business

Values and purpose are at the core of every successful organization. As a leading mission development company, our people strategy transforms your organization by understanding your company's objectives and aligning expectations and goals towards a shared sense of purpose.
ADP Research Institute found that U.S. workers who feel strongly connected to their employer are 75 times more likely to be engaged than those who do not feel connected.

Why Does an Organization Need to Establish Value Alignment Through Culture Engineering?

Your company’s culture is its heartbeat– the unseen, underlying current built from the values, beliefs, and behaviors that determine how your organization will perform and interact with others– both inside and outside the workplace. A well-nurtured culture develops employees' trust and constantly reinforces that they matter.

  • Creates an engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated workforce
  • Clarifies overall company, position, and department goals
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration

“Culture is the tacit social order of an organization: It shapes attitudes and behaviors in wide-ranging and durable ways. Cultural norms define what is encouraged, discouraged, accepted, or rejected within a group. When properly aligned with personal values, drives, and needs, culture can unleash tremendous amounts of energy toward a shared purpose and foster an organization’s capacity to thrive.” ~Harvard Business Review

Define Your Purpose and Core Values

Core values refer to the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that guide your business on a day-to-day basis. They are a tool for shaping your business's direction and creating the intangible culture that defines your company.

They should be clear, concise, and actionable and formed by both the employees and management.

What is a Company Purpose Statement?

A company purpose statement answers the question of why a company exists. A compelling purpose statement will define the brand, clearly state values and beliefs, and outline the company culture, so there is no debate about what you stand for.

What Are Company Core Values?

  • Assessing the current state of the organization's culture
  • Putting together a quality team that represent the associates
  • Reviewing the current core values and purpose statement and mindfully crafting fresh ideas that represent the company identity
  • Surveying the entire organization on the newly developed ideas to get a broader dimension of support
  • Providing recommendations on how to use strategic communication to engage and excite associates on the new direction of the organization
  • At GRATITUDESgroup, we provide engagement tools to ensure your purpose statement and core values remain top of mind.

Ready to Connect the Dots Between Your Purpose Statement and Core Values?