Giving Back

Embracing and understanding the importance of community, Gratitudes Group proudly supports, with the proceeds from profits, two non-profit organizations, Megan's Smile, named after Tina's daughter, and Confetti Celebrations.
"Enhancing the Quality of People's Lives…is at the heart of what we do." ~Tina Weede

What Is Megan’s Smile?

Adolescents and their families struggle with various health diagnoses, including anxiety and depression, behavioral and developmental challenges, learning disabilities, substance abuse/dependence, school problems, and relational difficulties. These families CAN find effective healing.

Megan's Smile is a newly formed non-profit that assists parents or caregivers by connecting them to essential resources to heal. These resources include wilderness programs, boarding schools, intervention programs, educational consultants, and financial support. The end goal is to help adolescents and families heal and move forward into a positive, healthy future.

What Is Confetti Celebrations?

Confetti Celebrations is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides weekend spa retreats for women with cancer. Each guest is invited to bring one girlfriend with them who has supported them in their fight. Confetti Celebrations started in 2003 and has served over 150 women with over 21 retreats just in one location.

​The mission of Confetti Celebrations is to provide a weekend spa retreat for women with cancer and their girlfriends, where they will be refreshed physically, restored emotionally, and rejuvenated spiritually. We want to celebrate friendship, life, and hope in God.

Ready to Help Give Back to the Community?