Safety Incentive Programs for Your Business

Making employee safety and well-being a top priority is crucial for any forward-thinking company. Take your organization to the next level by designing cutting-edge safety incentive programs to promote and reward safe behavior.
"The top 25% of engaged companies see 70% fewer safety incidents
than companies that are not engaged." ~Gallup

How to Get Associates on Board With Your Safety Incentive Program

At GRATITUDESgroup, we help bolster a culture of safety within your organization by creating a safety incentive program that communicates the goals and objectives you are trying to reach. We work with you to ensure employees are involved in the program's design and implementation, which builds a transparent culture of safety accountability. Through our OSHA compliant partners, we maintain that you stay current with all regulations.

Create a Culture That Keeps Safety Top of Mind

Our safety incentive programs have features like:

  • Participation of the management team
  • Encouraging employee feedback and suggestions for improvements
  • Regularly communicating the need and importance of reporting safety incidents
  • No penalties for accidents
  • Ongoing training and testing about safety best practices

How Can a Safety Incentive Program Drive Results?

An effective safety program uses structured goals and incentives to drive results through:

  • Improved work quality and productivity
  • Lower incident rates equating to higher profit margins
  • Increased retention

Ready to Connect the Dots and Make Safety a Top Priority?