Talent Optimization for Your Business

From recruitment to retirement, GRATITUDESgroup provides our clients with the insight, tools, and resources to design exceptional people strategies and solutions that focus on the overall well-being of organizations.
We support our clients in connecting the dots to Talent and Culture Optimization. We truly get to know you and your employees, as well as your organization’s triumphs and challenges, allowing GRATITUDESgroup to lend a hand in building an environment that blends both together, creating something extraordinary.


We focus on you…this is the first step in our process and in most cases, the most important. Getting to know our clients means spending the time to understand your history, goals, business objectives, processes, and strategic imperatives. This helps us assess where you are today and where you want to go in the future.


We focus on the benefits...when your People Strategy design is crafted effectively, it makes all the difference.

All strategies are tailored and designed based on our discovery.

  • The average cost of losing an employee is 6 to 9 months of their salary, starting from day one. We start with a turnover cost analysis to assess where your organization is today. Once we have an accurate analysis, we can start setting goals and KPIs.
  • Key Performance Indicators help track our success in reducing turnover, hiring better, and holding on to high-potential, high-performing employees.
  • We align with tools based on the need for individual positions, environments, and company culture. Some of our tools assess for cognitive – aptitude, personality – behavior, motivation, and innate traits, and some combine all of the above. View assessment guide here.
  • We tailor this offering to align your existing capabilities along with an interface to our online Recognition and Rewards platform.


We focus on longevity...where your organization becomes sought after as an "Employer of Choice.”

  • Turnover has been reduced, employees are enjoying your culture, and so are your partners and customers.
  • Profits have increased because hiring wisely, fostering engaged employees, and living by core values is embraced and relished.
  • Not only does your organization provide the best in bundled services for cultural attractions…now you can stay focused on your strategic roadmap.
  • Time is no longer scarce because you now have the right employees, the best processes that create continuity and efficiency, and an amazing culture to support a thriving business.
  • Through ROI Modeling, programs are always aligned and measured throughout the lifecycle of the program.

Your DEIBA Strategy

  • Bring understanding of the elements of the acronym to your workplace: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Accessibility
  • Immerse your workforce into a culture of inclusivity, acceptance and belonging
  • Establish a culture of fairness, authenticity, and accessibility.
  • Our consultants and coaches work within your organization to provide meaningful and measurable results

Ready to Connect the Dots to Talent Optimization?