Wellness Incentives for Your Business

Your employee's overall health and wellness can make or break your company. Productivity shares a close bond with your workforce's health. Investing in a workplace wellness program through company wellness incentives keeps your team focused and energized and reduces healthcare costs for both the employee and your organization.
"77% of employees think that employee wellness programs positively impact the company's culture." ~Virgin Health Miles Inc. Survey

Why Invest in Company Wellness Incentives?

At GRATITUDESgroup, we help bolster a culture of safety within your organization by creating a safety incentive program that communicates the goals and objectives you are trying to reach. We work with you to ensure employees are involved in the program's design and implementation, which builds a transparent culture of safety accountability. Through our OSHA compliant partners, we maintain that you stay current with all regulations.

How Can GRATITUDESgroup Help Establish a Healthy Workplace Community?

Our comprehensive approach to employee well-being addresses the whole employee experience and its impact on your organization's health. Our strategic company wellness incentives plan includes:

  • Conducting detailed assessments
  • Getting full support from management
  • Creating a workable budget
  • Electing Wellness Ambassadors for your organization
  • Developing goals and objectives
  • Designing program components
  • Selecting program incentives or rewards
  • Communicating the wellness plan
  • Evaluating the success of the program

What Are the Benefits of Implementing a Culture of Wellness?

Various studies and surveys confirm that implementing a wellness incentive program has many benefits. It pays to have a healthy workforce for both employees and employers. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Healthier employee behaviors
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Boosted employee engagement and loyalty
  • Improved employee retention
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Ready to Connect the Dots and Make Your Workplace a Community of Wellness?